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Beyond Transformation

Today, the industry and all independent businesses in the country have riveted their gaze on the digital transformation. In fact, it is referred to as digital disruption in many sources. This terminology is used for companies that do not realize that they need to transform or that cannot implement the transformation until the new world hits/destructs them.

Most of the time, we perceive the digital transformation on the basis of technology mainly. However, our company will achieve the sustainable competitiveness and winning business model thanks to our integral approach and to give priority to where and why we need to transform.

The winning companies make a difference by transforming into an organization which put in the center their value offer competitively positioned within the new economy, and all their units and businesses serve this value, support each other and set common goals.

In the digital world, not only the ones having new technology, but the companies having a strong strategy will win.

Stravision aims to be a companion to the companies that want to start their transformation process in the new economy where the sustainable competition conditions are being changed with destructive business models, but are not sure of where to start and how to implement, or that are already on the road but searching for support at the parting of the ways, and that put digital transformation, strategy, innovation and R&D to the top of their agenda.

Dr. Verda Emiroğlu



Maslak Mah. AOS 55. Sk. 42 Maslak Sitesi No:4 Sarıyer / İstanbul



+(90) 212 999 98 18

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