What Do You Really Need?

We believe that the way to understand the right need is to know to ask the right questions.

So we start with the first question; “What Do You Really Need?”

According to the changing market and technology trends, I would like to review my company’s current position and future position aimed, and to position my company accordingly.

I need coordination of the world of entrepreneurship according to needs of my company and to operate the innovation channels together.

I would like to establish a balance between internal and external innovation in my company, and to perform these together.

I see my R&D structure strategic, and I want to restructure it according to the R&D Center Competency Model, and to manage this process in the most effective and efficient way.

I know my company needs to be transformed, but I need to analyze where I should start, create a road map and implement it in a planned way.

I want to support internal entrepreneurship in my organization and develop internal innovation business models.

I want to analyze how technology trends will affect market strategies, and prepare a technology roadmap that is directly matched with product-market plans.

In my company, I want to integrate R&D with all units and manage agile.

By using digital business transformation, digital technologies and new business models, I aim to optimize the organization in order to improve business performance and achieve sustainable competitiveness.

Why do I have to transform? What do I need to transform? How do I realize this transformation?


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