About Founder

About Founder

Graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering in 1994, had her Master degree at the domain of Strategic Management in Engineering Management Department and had her PhD at the domain of Technology Management.

Emiroğlu started her professional career as an Entrepreneur in 1994, worked as a Senior Executive for the first 12 years of her career in Turkey and abroad at Strategy, Innovation and Technology Management domains respectively at TÜBİTAK, Sabancı University and Koç Group. Earning the «Scholarship for Scientists Education» of World Bank in 2000–2001 joined the scholarship program in the USA and worked in the same time at Intel Oregon as a Contractor.

Continuing her career by joining Turkcell family in 2006, Emiroğlu worked for the creation and management of business models during following 10 years at Turkcell Teknoloji Company, R&D, Innovation, Applied Research Strategic cooperation, Ecosystem and Business development domains.

In 2016, deciding to be graduated from corporate life with her professional know-how and experience of 22 years, Dr. Verda Emiroğlu started to work as a counselor, under the frame of «Stravision» for domestic and global companies in strategic and technologic transformation and sustainable competitive strength. She is the founder of development platform of entrepreneurs and «VE Fark Yarat». Emiroğlu, is also an active member of Endeavor, TurkishWin and TÜBİSAD.


Maslak Mah. AOS 55. Sk. 42 Maslak Sitesi No:4 Sarıyer / İstanbul



+(90) 212 999 98 18

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